Sunday, January 4, 2009

New products in the works

I know it's late, but I thought I'd make a post about all the new stuff I've been getting my grubby little hands into.

Last week I decided to try to make some tea lights. I'll spare all the details about how I tore up the kitchen...but I was pleased with the end result! I have sets of four that I'll be adding tomorrow.

Today I started making my clay masks again. Man, what a difference a blender makes. There's nothing worse than a lumpy clay mask, so I made sure mine turned out nice and silky (It feels like spa clay....I tried some out today). I read on a couple different sites that you're not supposed to store clay masks with wetting agents for an extended amount of time (otherwise you have to add chemicals?). In other words, you're supposed to wet it and apply right away. This totally explains why everyone that offers clay masks on Etsy sells them dry. The weird thing, is that I have a couple masks that I've been storing in the fridge for over a few months now and they're just fine. Maybe it's because I don't add tons of stuff to them?

At any rate, I think my masks are just fine and I'll be adding them to the shop tomorrow as well ;)

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